Victorian Era

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Charles Dickens living and working in London
Charles Dickens' father is sent to prison for debt; Charles is withdrawn from school to work in a factory
27 Dec 1831
HMS Beagle sets sail from Plymouth, England
Drawn to the theater, a young Charles Dickens nearly becomes a professional actor. Later in life, he will satisfy his passion for performing with hundreds of animated public readings of his own books.
Jan 1832
In Cape Verde, Charles Darwin observes oyster shells in rocks
Charles Dickens begins to contribute stories and essays to magazines and newspapers.
Charles Dickens is working as a journalist for the Liberal Benthamite Morning Chronicle, an experience that greatly affects his political outlook.
15 Sep 1835
Charles Darwin collects specimens in the Galapagos Islands
Charles Dickens writes two plays and a pamphlet arguing that the poor should be allowed to enjoy the Sabbath.
Dickens resigns from newspaper job to edit Bentley's Miscellany
29 Apr 1836
Charles Darwin tours Mauritius on an elephant
31 May 1836
Charles Darwin in Cape Town; meets Sir John Herschel
2 Oct 1836
HMS Beagle returns to England
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
20 Jun 1837
Victoria becomes Queen
Charles Dickens publishes Nicholas Nickleby in 20 serial installments.
Charles Darwin weds first cousin Emma Wedgwood
Charles Dickens publishes The Old Curiosity Shop in short weekly installments.
Charles Dickens publishes Barnaby Rudge in short weekly installments.
Charles Dickens vacations in America; is received as celebrity
While working on Martin Chuzzlewit, Charles Dickens writes A Christmas Carol on the side in just a few weeks. It is published the same year and becomes one of his most popular and beloved works.
In the New Spirit of the Age, R.H. Horne describes Charles Dickens as "in private, very much what might be expected from his works.... His conversation is genial.... [He] has singular personal activity, and is fond of games of practical skill. He is als
Darwin requests posthumous publication of Origin of Species
6 Jun 1844
George Williams founds the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) in London.
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
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