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  • Sunny & Snowy Historic Places in Salem, Oregon posted February 1, 2024 by Holly Hayes

    In winter Salem Oregon there are two things we rarely see: sunshine snow But a couple weeks ago there one glorious Monday where we had both! So I grabbed my camera hopped my all-wheel-drive car there don't seem be any snowplows Salem visite

  • Seizing the Serendipity in Prospect, Oregon posted May 12, 2023 by Holly Hayes

    As we drove out Crater Lake National Park on Saturday afternoon it occurred me that we may not have quite enough fuel make it back our rural Airbnb almost two hours away I'm not greatest planner-aheaders There's one gas station park but man

  • A Sunny, Snowy Spring Day at Crater Lake posted May 11, 2023 by Holly Hayes

    To take advantage a ridiculously sunny warm spring weekend Roland I took a weekend trip Crater Lake with some great stops along way After some debate studying webcams we chose take my little car instead his four-wheel drive it right call Th

  • Historic Sites of the Southern Oregon Coast posted July 1, 2022 by Holly Hayes

    For my birthday this year I planned a weekend getaway southern Oregon coast I haven't visited this area decades so hoping discover lots historic sites lighthouses beautiful beaches I not disappointed! I highly recommend visiting this scenic

  • Road Trip Day 2: Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah posted August 18, 2021 by Holly Hayes

    Day 2 our longest driving day trip with about 8 hours on road That definitely not my jam but since there wasn't too much see between Oregon Salt Lake City it seemed worth it get some mileage under our belts so we could stay two nights SLC W

  • Road Trip Day 1: Salem to Burns, Oregon posted August 13, 2021 by Holly Hayes

    The first day our road trip from Oregon Colorado a nice easy and familiar one - we drove which about 45 hours southeast Salem This enabled us stop for a short hike Sisters a quaint touristy town Central Oregon I familiar with a trail from p

  • An Afternoon Stroll in Historic Oregon City posted May 12, 2021 by Holly Hayes

    Last weekend I met friends for lunch Oregon City took opportunity go on a little historic photo walk while I town Despite growing up Portland area I've never explored this historic town which first incorporated city west Rocky Mountains in

  • Fording the Headwaters of the Mississippi posted November 13, 2014 by Holly Hayes

    On Day 8 my road trip I enjoyed lovely lakes forests northern Minnesota walked across Mississippi River Heading out from Grand Forks under stormy skies Misbehaving cows near Shevlin Minnesota Mostly hidden by far-left cow their no-nonsense

  • Rugby and Grand Forks, North Dakota posted November 3, 2014 by Holly Hayes

    About an hour east Minot I arrived Rugby It a small town less than 3000 people isn't exactly famous but it ended up being one my most interesting stops North Dakota First all Rugby apparently at geographic center North America This monument

  • Montana to North Dakota posted November 3, 2014 by Holly Hayes

    Morning view from my hotel room Shelby Montana Part usual morning routine: stop at a gas station fill up tank scrub bugs from windshield fill cooler with ice get snacks for road

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