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Welcome to the Go Historic Blog! This is mainly a travel blog documenting trips to historic places, plus a sprinkling of news and features related to history, architecture, art, and this website.

An Afternoon Stroll in Historic Oregon CityAn Afternoon Stroll in Historic Oregon City
posted May 12, 2021 by Holly Hayes

Last weekend I met friends for lunch in Oregon City and took the opportunity to go on a little historic photo walk while I was in town. Despite growing up in the Portland area, I've never explored this historic town, which was the first incorporated city west of the Rocky Mountains (in 1844) and the primary destination at the end of the Oregon Trail...

Fording the Headwaters of the Mississippi
posted November 13, 2014 by Holly Hayes

On Day 8 of my road trip, I enjoyed the lovely lakes and forests of northern Minnesota and walked across the Mississippi River.

Rugby and Grand Forks, North Dakota
posted November 3, 2014 by Holly Hayes

About an hour east of Minot, I arrived in Rugby. It is a small town of less than 3,000 people and isn't exactly famous, but it ended up being one of my most interesting stops in North Dakota...

Driving Across Northern Montana
posted October 19, 2014 by Holly Hayes

Day 5 was mostly about making good eastward progress, so I spent most of the time behind the wheel. As usual, I had rejected the usual freeway route (I-90 in this case) in favor of a smaller highway (Highway 2), and was glad I did...

Road Trip: Spokane to Kalispell
posted September 28, 2014 by Holly Hayes

Day 2 (Spokane, WA, to Kalispell, MT) represented by geotagged photos taken along the way. Davenport Hotel, Spokane The first night of my road trip was spent at Spokane's historic Davenport Hotel, built in 1914...

Road Trip: Portland to Spokane
posted September 24, 2014 by Holly Hayes

This is the first post in a series on a roadtrip from Oregon to Minnesota - and possibly beyond! As usual, I'm avoiding freeways, visiting historic places, staying in historic hotels, and eating in historic restaurants...

20 Highlights of the Olympic Peninsula20 Highlights of the Olympic Peninsula
posted July 2, 2014 by Holly Hayes

I'm quite smitten with my home state of Oregon, while my aunt Janice has lived happily in Washington for several decades. So, for as long as I can remember, we've enjoyed a good-natured "my-state-is-obviously-better" rivalry...