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Exterior view of the Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro, Oregon, built 1878 in the Carpenter Gothic style. The church was founded in 1873 by twelve pioneers from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Credit: Holly Hayes. view all images →
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Quick Facts on the USA

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Approx. Center
37.0902400° N, 95.7128910° W map
declared independence of Britain in 1776; with current constituent states, since 1959

Description of the USA

Settled 40,000 years ago by ancestors of Amerindians; diverse cultures developed; Spanish, French, British and others settled here from 16th century, native cultures were largely destroyed; nation expanded westward through 19th century; had Civil War in 1860s; official language is English, though a sizable minority speaks Spanish, and various other languages are also spoken.

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