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St. Augustine's AbbeySt. Augustine's Abbey
Canterbury, England, UK

The ruins of St. Augustine's Abbey on the outskirts of Canterbury include the grave of the saint and a substantial crypt. The visitor center displays Early Christian artifacts found at the site.

Gordon's TombGordon's Tomb
Jerusalem, Israel

Discovered in 1867, this ancient tomb in a peaceful garden is honored by many Protestants as the site of Jesus' burial instead of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City.

Wailing WallWailing Wall

This is all that remains of the Temple that was once the center of Jewish worship. The Western Wall Plaza is a vast, open-air synagogue that is the preferred place to pray for Jews worldwide.

Hagar Qim TempleHagar Qim Temple

The 5,000-year-old Hagar Qim temple is the best-preserved of several ancient limestone temples in Malta. The temple is laid out on a clover-leaf shape of multiple apses with a forecourt and facade.

Ggantija TemplesGgantija Temples
Xaghra, Malta

Located on Gozo Island in Malta, these two round prehistoric temples with statues of full-figured goddesses were dedicated to the Earth Mother.

Mnajdra TemplesMnajdra Temples

The Mnajdra Temples are three conjoined Neolithic temples on the southern coast of Malta, ranging in dates from 3600 to 2000 BC. The southern temple is aligned with the solstices and equinoxes.

Peter Iredale ShipwreckPeter Iredale Shipwreck
Warrenton, Oregon, USA

The picturesque wreck of the steel barque *Peter Iredale*, which ran aground in 1906 en route to the Columbia River, can be seen up close on the beach in Warrenton, Oregon.