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Inhabited by 8000 BCE; Mississippian people flourished ca. 1300 CE; had largest pre-Columbian community N of Mexico; various Algonquian tribes were here when French & English settled 17-18th centuries; went to USA in 1778 in Revolution; pro-Union in Civil War.


Originally inhabited by Celts; not subdued by Rome; was stronghold for Britons & Celts against invading Anglo-Saxons in 5th cen. CE; repulsed Danish invasions 9th cen.; saw conflict with England from 11th cen. until Edward I of England gained control.

Northern Ireland

Currently a consituent unit of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland comprises the northeastern part of Ireland island, the core of the historic province of Ulster. It was ruled by the O'Neills of Tyrone in the 16th century. When the rest of Ireland demanded home rule in the late 19th century, the Protestant majority in Northern Ireland remained loyal to United Kingdom.