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Grauman's Chinese TheaterGrauman's Chinese Theater
Los Angeles, California, USA

This world-famous theater opened on on May 18, 1927, with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille's film *The King of Kings*. Decorated with temple artifacts imported from China and best known for its Forecourt of the Stars, the Chinese Theater remains a popular venue for movie premieres.

El Capitan TheatreEl Capitan Theatre
Los Angeles, California, USA

Built in 1926 and remodeled in 1942, El Capitan Theatre is currently operated by Walt Disney and shows mainly Disney films.

Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, California, USA

This opulent Art Deco theater opened in 1930 with the showing of a Marion Davies film, newsreel, and Walt Disney cartoon. It was later owned by Howard Hughes and hosted the Academy Awards. Today, the lavish theater hosts traveling Broadway musicals.

United Artists Theater
Los Angeles, California, USA

Opened in December 1927, the United Artists Theater was designed by C. Howard Crane to resemble the medieval Spanish architecture enjoyed by patron Mary Pickford on a trip to Europe. It served as an evangelical church from 1989 to 2011, when it was sold to a real estate company.

Orpheum Theater
Los Angeles, California, USA

Modeled after grand European hotels, the Orpheum opened as a vaudeville theater in 1925 and underwent an award-winning restoration in 2002. Today it hosts a variety of festivals, award shows and special events.

Tower Theater
Los Angeles, California, USA

The first theater in Los Angeles designed for "talkies," the Baroque-style Tower Theater opened in 1927.

Globe Theater
United States

Built in 1913, the Globe Theater in Los Angeles showed newsreels throughout the 1930s and 40s.