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Freud MuseumFreud Museum

20 Maresfield Gardens was the last home of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (d. 1939) and his daughter, child psychoanalyst Anna Freud (d. 1982). It is now a museum that includes the study used by Freud and preserved just as he left it.

Lincoln HomeLincoln Home
Springfield, US

Abraham Lincoln lived in this Springfield home with his family for 17 years, from 1844 until he left for the White House in 1861. Now a National Historic Site, the house was carefully preserved and has been a popular visitor attraction since it opened in 1887.

Benjamin Franklin HouseBenjamin Franklin House
London, England, UK
c. 1730

The Benjamin Franklin House in London is only surviving home of Benjamin Franklin, who lived here for 16 years (1757-75). Built around 1730, the historic townhouse is well-preserved and open as a museum.

White House of the ConfederacyWhite House of the Confederacy
Richmond, VA, USA

The executive mansion of Confederate President Jefferson Davis during the Civil War, restored to its wartime appearance and open for tours.

Jane Austen's House MuseumJane Austen's House Museum
Chawton, England, UK

Jane Austen lived at Chawton Cottage in Hampshire during the happiest and most productive period of her life, from 1809 to 1817. The charming village house is open to the public as a museum.

Home of Charles DarwinHome of Charles Darwin

This country villa was the home of Victorian naturalist Charles Darwin and his family for 40 years. It was here that he composed *On the Origin of Species*.