World War II Timeline

8 May 1945
V-E Day in London: Churchill greets crowds in Whitehall
26 Aug 1944
Thanksgiving service for liberated Paris in Notre Dame Cathedral
The National Park Service leases the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to the Coast Guard for use as observation tower during WWII.
The Silent Minute
Big Ben Goes Dark
11 May 1941
Commons Chamber Destroyed
3 Jun 1940
Dunkirk Evacuation Complete
4 Jun 1940
Churchill makes "We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech
6 Jun 1944
14 Jun 1940
First Prisoners at Auschwitz
21 Jun 1945
Japanese defenses on Okinawa are finally defeated by U.S. troops
22 Jun 1941
Germany Attacks Soviet Union
3 Sep 1939
Britain and France Declare War on Germany