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New York

Occupied by Algonquians (Mohican & Munsee) and Iroquois (Five Nations) when Europeans settled here in 17th cen.; French and Algonquians warred with English & Iroquois in 18th cen.; state was divided during Revolution; supported Union in Civil War.


Inhabited by many ethnic nationalities including Mojave, Yuma and Chumash when Spanish arrived in 16th cen.; Franciscans established missions all along coast; went to Mexico in 1820s; went to US in 1848; great influx of settlers from E arrived in gold rush.

New Mexico

Inhabited by 8,000 BCE; Anasazi & ancestors of Pima & Papago lived here by 12-13th cen. CE; Navajo & Apache arrived here from N by 15th cen.; Spanish arrived 16-17th cen.; area went to Mexico in 1821, to USA in 1848 in Mexican War; with Union in Civil War.


Inhabited by 8000 BC; Kutenai, Coeur d'Alene, Nez Percé, Paiute, Shoshoni & others were here when influx of settlers from E destroyed buffalo herds in 19th cen.; conflict with Britain over N border 1840s; received Confederate refugees after Civil War.


Inhabited by 8000 BCE; Mississippian people flourished ca. 1300 CE; had largest pre-Columbian community N of Mexico; various Algonquian tribes were here when French & English settled 17-18th centuries; went to USA in 1778 in Revolution; pro-Union in Civil War.

New Jersey

Was summer home of Delaware (Lenni Lenape) Indians when Dutch, English, Scots-Irish and Swedes settled here in 17th cen.; Tory activity and several battles occurred in area during Revolution; sentiment was mainly pro-Union in Civil War.


Inhabited by 18,000 BCE; later Basket Makers and Pueblo Indians flourished; Mohave, Paiute, Shoshoni, Washoe & others were here when Spanish came in 18th cen.; European-Americans arrived in 19th cen.; went to USA after Mexican War in 1848; was pro-Union.


Occupied by roving hunters by ca. 8000 BC, later was home to agrarian cultures; Algonquian-speakers, at war with Iroquois to N, lived here when Europeans settled in 17th cen.; fought in Revolution; state had split loyalties in Civil War.


Settled by Amerindians by 2nd mill. BCE; Norsemen may have landed here in 1003; Europeans fished here in 16th cen.; Plymouth Colony established by English in 1620; played key role in Revolution; was intellectual center of nation until mid-19th cen.


Inhabited in Pleistocene epoch (18,000 BCE); major groups were Ojibwa and Sioux when French fur traders arrived in 17th cen.; made of sections from Louisiana Purchase & NW Territory; supported Union in Civil War; homesteaded by Scandinavians in 1880s.


Inhabited by prehistoric cultures from 8000 BCE; later, was home to several tribes including Sioux and Pawnee, whose lifestyle altered with arrival of Spanish horses in 16th cen.; major European influx came after Louisiana Purchase; pro-Union in Civil War.