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Area has been occupied for over 10,000 years; inhabited by Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw & other tribes when Europeans arrived in 18th cen.; settlers took over area from Amerindians after War of 1812; was Confederate state in Civil War.


One of 2 states not contiguous with others; presumably inhabited by earliest migrants to N America from Asia, from whom Tlingit and Tinneh Indians descended; was home to Eskimos and Aleuts from 8th mill. BCE; Russians arrived 18th cen.; bought by USA in 1867.


Settled since 25,000 BCE; home to Hohokam by 300 BCE and Anasazi by 100 CE; nomadic Apache and Navajo arrived ca. 1300; Spanish came 16-17th centuries; area went to Mexico in 1821, to USA in 1850s after Mexican War; sided with Confederacy in 1861 in Civil War.


Area was home to Bluff Dwellers by 500 BCE, later to Mound Builders; Caddo, Quapaw, and others lived here when European fur traders arrived in 17th century; in Louisiana Purchase of 1803; was slave state, but only reluctantly joined Confederacy in Civil War.


Inhabited by many ethnic nationalities including Mojave, Yuma and Chumash when Spanish arrived in 16th cen.; Franciscans established missions all along coast; went to Mexico in 1820s; went to US in 1848; great influx of settlers from E arrived in gold rush.


Inhabited by Basket Makers (early Anasazi) around start of Christian Era; inhabited by cliff-dwellers and Plains Indians, mainly Arapaho and Cheyenne, when Spanish & French arrived 16th-18th century; parts went to USA in Louisiana Purchase and after Mexican War.


Originally inhabited by 16 tribes of Algonquian Indians; Dutchman, A Block, was first European in the area; English arrived in 1633, battled with Amerindians & Dutch; area provided supplies for Revolution; characterized today by rural & shore communities.


Area was occupied by Amerindians, who were later called "Delaware"; settled by English, Dutch and Swedes in 17th century; strongly supported the Revolution, was first to ratify the Federal Constitution; was slave state before Civil War, though loyal to Union.


On low-lying peninsula inhabited by 8,000 BCE; farming began by 500 BCE, with hunters/fishers living in N and some immigration from Cuba and Bahamas; Seminoles lived here in 19th cen.; Spanish arrived in 16th century, but major European influx came in 19th century.


One of two non-contiguous states; comprises most of the Hawaiian Islands; probably first inhabited by Polynesians who immigrated from Marquesas Islands ca. CE 400; immigrants from Tahiti arrived in 9th century; Europeans and Americans arrived in the 18th century


Inhabited by 8000 BC; Kutenai, Coeur d'Alene, Nez Percé, Paiute, Shoshoni & others were here when influx of settlers from E destroyed buffalo herds in 19th cen.; conflict with Britain over N border 1840s; received Confederate refugees after Civil War.