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England, UK

Comprises rocky plateaus, moors and lush river valleys; remains include prehistoric caves, Iron Age hill forts and Roman stations; first shired in 8th century; Danish raids 851-1003; tin mining was important 12th-17th centuries; iron, lead and copper mined until 19th century.

England, UK

Area covers most of Thames Valley; contains many Paleolithic and Neolithic artifacts; part of Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex and Mercia; ruled by Danes 10th-11th centuries; site of battles during English Civil War; area includes a portion of Berkshire since 1974.

England, UK

Comprises low ridges, plains and former islands; crossed by rivers Nene and the Great Ouse; noted for archaeological sites (prehistoric tracks), Saxon churches and the university buildings of Cambridge; produces beets, potatoes, and fruit for canning.

England, UK

Most remote of country's counties, it remained Celtic and Cornish language was spoken until late 19th century; inhabited since prehistoric times and important for tin, clay, and granite; an earldom under William the Conqueror 1066; it is the oldest duchy in England, created by Edward III in 1337 for his eldest son, Edward the Black Prince.