Historic Sites & Landmarks in the USA

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  • Salem Civic Center Historic District Salem, Oregon 1971-72
  • Hotel Monteleone New Orleans, Louisiana 1886; 1954

    Founded in 1886 and mostly rebuilt in 1954, this luxurious French Quarter hotel has been owned by a Sicilian-American family since the beginning.

  • Anne Rice's Childhood Home New Orleans, Louisiana 1941-56 (residence)

    This shotgun house on the north side of St. Charles Avenue was the childhood home of Anne Rice (then Anne O'Brien) until age 14. It was the rented home of her maternal grandmother, Alice Allen.

  • Mathilde Hall New Orleans, Louisiana 1874

    Built in 1874, Mathilde Hall is a double-gallery house on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. It was fully restored by the McGehee School in 2015 and now contains eight unique classrooms for preschool students.

  • House at 2328 St. Charles New Orleans, Louisiana c. 1900

    This 7,285-square-foot, double-gallery historic home on the St. Charles tram line dates from around 1900. It features pillars on both galleries and elaborate cornice brackets.

  • Boise Art Museum Boise, Idaho 1937

    Built in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration, the Boise Art Museum was expanded in 1972, 1987, and 1997. Its collection dates from antiquity to the present, with an emphasis on American art.

  • Basque Mural Boise, Idaho 2000

    Painted in 2000 by an international group of sign painters, the Basque Mural depicts scenes from Basque history and culture, both in its European homeland and in Boise.

  • Idaho State Capitol Boise, Idaho 1905-20

    Constructed from 1905 to 1920, with major renovations in 2006, the Idaho State Capitol features a Neoclassical style designed by prolific Boise architect John E. Tourtellotte. The top of its dome, inspired by St.

  • Fort Yamhill Blockhouse Dayton, Oregon 1856

    Built in 1856 at Fort Yamhill, this historic wood structure was moved by preservationists to Dayton's Courthouse Square Park in 1911 as a memorial to Joel Palmer, founder of Dayton and Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

  • Sentinel Building (Cafe Zoetrope) San Francisco, California 1907

    Also known as Columbus Tower, this distinctive green flatiron building with a storied history has been home to Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope studio since 1972. On the main floor, Cafe Zoetrope serves Italian cuisine and Coppola wines.

21-30 / 92,348