Roman Baths Bath, England

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c. 60-c. 70 CE
Construction of Roman baths dedicated to Minerva in Aquae Sulis (Bath)
c. 70-c. 90 CE
Construction of Roman Baths Museum
c. 10C
Construction of a Saxon bath for monks of Bath Abbey; only the foundations survive today
Ownership of the bath transfers from Bath Abbey to King Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries; it is henceforth known as the King's Bath
Dr. William Turner publishes a guide to the spas of Europe, which praises Bath in order to encourage readers to visit
Queen's Bath constructed in the Roman Baths
Construction of most of the superstructure of the King's Bath
Construction of Jacobean strapwork balustrading around top of the King's Bath, probably donated by grateful client Sir Francis Stonor
Nude bathing prohibited at the King's Bath
Segregation of sexes at the King's Bath
Construction of buildings and terrace above the ancient baths and temple, designed by John McKean Brydon with sculpture by G.A. Lawson
12 Jun 1950
Roman Baths Museum designated a Grade I listed building
12 Jun 1950
King's Bath designated a Grade I listed building
c. 1970
Water level lowered in the King's Bath to enable opening further Roman remains; part of an extensive program of reassessment by Professor Barry Cunliffe and the Bath Archaeological Trust
11 Aug 1972
Part of Queen's Bath designated a Grade II listed building