Dedicated to the Celtic-Roman goddess Sulis Minerva, these ancient Roman baths are still fed by a sacred hot spring. The site museum displays excavations and artifacts from the baths and temple.

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51.3809414° N, 2.3596726° W
Abbey Churchyard
Bath, England
60-70 CE
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  1. 1.   Overview of the Roman Baths  ← you are here
  2. 2.   Listed Building Data for the Roman Baths
  3. 3.   Interactive Map of the Roman Baths
  4. 4.   Aerial View of the Roman Baths
  5. 5.   Street View of the Roman Baths
  6. 6.   Images of the Roman Baths (9)
  7. 7.   Timeline of the Roman Baths (1)
  8. 8.   Sources for the Roman Baths (1)
  9. 9.   Historic Sites near the Roman Baths

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Roman Baths (Bath, England)
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