St. Helena's Anglican Church Beaufort, South Carolina

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17 Jun 1712
An act setting up the Parish of St. Helena receives Royal Assent
c. 1720-c. 1725
Construction of the original Parish Church of St. Helena
The Parish Church of St. Helena is too small for its congregation and its structure is deteriorating; the Vestry petitions the South Carolina General Assembly "for their assistance towards repairing and enlarging the Church"
Cornelius McCarty is paid £30 for "drawing two plans for rebuilding the church"; work begins on a new building
St. Helena Church receives minor damage during the occupation of British troops, followed by disestablishment and neglect
Repairs on St. Helena' Church following American Revolution
Oct 1810
The Vestry declares that "the present Church is
not only unsafe but is too small if repaired even for the present congregation."
Construction of the second (existing) Parish Church of St. Helena; portions of the old external walls are cut down to ground level and re-used as foundations for colonnades
St. Helena's Church is a focal point for the Beaufort Revival in the Second Great Awakening: Rev. Daniel Baker of Savannah preaches 2-3 times daily for 10 days
Construction of the west steeple to a design by Albert Simons
17 Dec 1969
Beaufort Historic District added to National Register of Historic Places