St. Helena's Anglican Church Beaufort, South Carolina

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St. Helena's Anglican Church has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Beaufort Historic District. The following information has been imported from the National Register database and/or the Nomination Form . Please note that not all available data may be shown here, minor errors and/or formatting may have occurred during transcription, and some information may have become outdated since listing.

National Register ID
Date Listed
December 17, 1969
Beaufort Historic District
Bounded by the Beaufort River, Bladen, Hamar, and Boundary Sts.
South Carolina
Level of Sig.
Years of Sig.
1521; 1710; 1861
Areas of Sig.

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S.C. District #1 - Rep. Mendel Davis Theme 5. Political and Military Affairs Form 10-300 (July 1969) UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR NATIONAL PARK SERVICE NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES INVENTORY - NOMINATION FORM (Type alt entries — complete applicable sections) STATE: South Carolina COUNTY: Beaufort FOR NPS USE ONLY ENTRY NUMBER ?/. //• The Anchorage AND/OR HISTORIC: William Elliott House STREET AND NUMBER: 1103 Bay Street CITY OR TOWN: Beaufort STATE South Carolina COUNTY: Beaufort 013 CATEGORY (Check One) OWNERSHIP STATUS ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC District Site Building Structure Object Public Private Both Public Acquisition: Q In Process | | Being Considered 51 Occupied I| Unoccupied O Preservation work in progress Yes: 0 Restricted CD Unrestricted D No PRESENT USE ("Check One or More as Appropriate) I | Agriculture! [jjj Commerciol I | Educational CD Entertainment I I Government CH Industrial D Military II Museum D Park CH Private Residence O Religious CD Scientific Transportation Other I I Comments OWNER'S NAME.- Bay Street Corporation STREET AND NUMBER: 1105 Bay Street CITY OR TOWN: Beaufort t>E SC R1P TI ON STATE: South Carolina 39 COURTHOUSE, REGISTRY OF DEEDS, ETC: Beaufort County Courthouse - Book 178, p. 39 STREET AND NUMBER: Bay Street CITY OR TOWN: Beaufort STATE South Carolina 39 TITLE OF SURVEY: Historic Beaufort, S. Carl Feiss and Russell Wright DATE OF SURVEY: JUne 1970 Federal State | | County Local DEPOSITORY FOR SURVEY RECORDS: Historic Beaufort Foundation Office STREET AND NUMBER: 801 Bay Street CITY OR TOWN: Beaufort South Carolina CONDITION Excellent Good Foir (Check One) Deterioroted Q Ruins CD Unexposed (Check One) Altered Q Unaltered (Check One) Moved [ Original Site DESCRIBE THE PRESENT AND ORIGINAL (If known) PHYSICAL APPEARANCE This house has five floors including a ground floor and an attic. It is built of white clapboard on a four-foot wide tabby foundation. Across the front extended a wide piazza with six simple columns. A wide hall with two large rooms on each side leads from the front to the back on each floor, In 1891 Admiral Beardsley bought the house, named it the Anchorage and spent approximately $80,000 remodeling, add­ ing stucco to the exterior and much ornately carved wood­ work to the exterior and to the interior. A second story piazza, was built and the simple columns were exchanged for Corinthian. Under the house there was a "storm" room built for security during hurricanes, remaining. Also there are sections of an old tunnel rn rn 70 C n H __________ PERIOD (C"*ck One or More es Appropriate) Q Pre-Columbian) D 16th Century n >5th Century D 17th Century 18th Century 19th Century 20th Century SPECIFIC DATE(s) (If Applicable and Known) AREAS OF SIGNIFICANCE ("Check One or More as Appropriate) Abor iginal Q Prehistoric 0 Historic Q3 Agriculture E3 Architecture D Art | | Commerce | | Communications [ [ Conservation jpl Education |~1 Engineering Q Industry I | Invention I| Landscape Architecture £] Literature |£) Military Music | | Q f~l Q [ | Political Religion/Phi- losophy Science Sculpture Social/Human­ itarian Theater Transportation Urban Planning Other (Specify) STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE U LLI LJ CO The builder of this pre-Revolutionary house was Ralph Elliott, who willed it to his nepEeWjWTlTiam^ prosperous planter in the district and a member of a prominent family which had been in the colony since the 1690s. In 1772 William Elliott was a representative to The Commons House of Assembly. He supported the cause of independence butdied in 1778 before victory. Prior to the Civil War his grandson William Elliott, III,lived here. He was an author, politician, agriculturist and poet. Although his political views differed from those held by most Southerners, he was highly respected. He was pro-Southern but opposed secession. However, when war broke out he joined with the Confederacy. During the Occupation of Beaufort the house was used as a hospital and designated the "Mission House.1.1 In 1876 the famous General Wade Hampton spoke to the people of Beaufort from the porch. i$ Barnett, Stephen. Story of 4n American Family. Marauette TIH«MQ 1969. ' Graydon, Nell. Tales of Beaufort. Beaufort. S.C.: Beaufort Book Shop, 1964. Historic Beaufort Foundation. A Guide to Historic Beaufort, Columbia. S. C.: The State Printing Co. 1970 l|l|$ii$ii|fek'pAfA r ' *••'.£•:-• LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE COORDINATES DEFINING A RECTANGLE LOCATING THE PROPERTY CORNER LATITUDE LONGITUDE Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds NW o , „ 0 NE o , „ o SE ° ° SW ° o , . LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE COORDINATES 3 DEFINING THE CENTER POINT OF A PROPERTY ROF LESS THAN TEN ACRES LATITUDE LONGITUDE Degrees Minutes Seconds Degrees Minutes Seconds 0 . . o • - 32 25 52 80 40 26.5 APPROXIMATE ACREAGE OF NOMINATED PROPERTY: i/sl ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————— L±tL —————— . —————————————————————————————————————————————————— LIST ALL STATES AND COUNTIES FOR PROPERTIES OVERLAPPING STATE OR COUNTY BOUNDARIES STATE: " CODE STATE: CODE STATE: CODE STATE: CODE COUNTY CODE COUNTY: CODE COUNTY: CODE COUNTY: CODE Ifc.?' FO RM 1* 6 1 P Af? E 0 B Y " ' '::" ': : : "?' ; '" ; " " " :' ™*:'-"" ' ' "" :- '- :: ": !?!$ NAME AND TITLE: , . Bruce T. Gettys ( CZ-pj ORGANIZATION DATE Historic Beaufort Foundation julv 6 1971 STREET AND NUMBER: 801 Bay Street CITY OR TOWN: Beaufort ^'S-fAWiJAISON OFFICER CERTIFICATION As the designated State Liaison Officer for the Na­ tional Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (Public Law 89-665), I hereby nominate this property for inclusion in the National Register and certify that it has been evaluated according to the criteria and procedures set forth by the National Park Service. The recommended level of significance of this nomination is: National ,A/1 State f~] l^ocal gj Title Director, S. C. Dep^rt-mpnt- of Archives and History / STATE CODE SoutJb Carolinsi "> '^ NATlONACREGlSf ER VffclFiCAT ION I hereby certify that this property is included in the National Register. £ •/? /jh.u i / A( % ,1,44* tt /6y ^ l / ' " "™ ' Chief, Office of Archeology and Historic Pre&€¥Vat*vn^ NOV 2 3 I97f Date ATTEST: Keeper of The National Register/ Date NOV 2 2 1971 / Form 10-300a (Dec. 1968) UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR NATIONAL PARK SERVICE NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES INVENTORY - NOMINATION FORM (Continuation Sheet) STATE South Carolina COUNTY Beaufort FOR NPS USE ONLY ENTRY NUMBER Bibliography : Lengnick, Lena. Beaufort Memoirs 1937-Revised 1961.