Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827) Timeline

16 Dec 1770
Birth of Ludwig van Beethoven
26 Mar 1778
Young Beethoven Plays in Cologne
Nine Variations on a March by Dressler, the first extant composition by Beethoven (who is only 12 years old), is published in Mannheim, Germany.
Beethoven is appointed continuo player to the Bonn opera.
Beethoven Studies with Mozart
Beethoven becomes a violinist for the Bonn court chapel.
Beethoven Impresses Haydn
Beethoven composes cantatas for death of Joseph II and coronation of Leopold II
Beethoven leaves Bonn to study with Haydn in Vienna
Joseph Haydn writes to Beethoven's patron, the archbishop-elector of Cologne, that "Beethoven will one day be considered one of Europe's greatest composers, and I shall be proud to be called his teacher."
29 Mar 1795
Beethoven makes first public appearance in Vienna
Jul 1795
Printed copies of Beethoven's Opus 1 (three Piano Trios) are distributed in Vienna by subscription.
Feb 1796
Beethoven performs on tour in Prague.
May 1796
Beethoven performs in Berlin.
Beethoven Composes the Moonlight Sonata
5 Apr 1803
Beethoven premieres new works in Vienna
Aug 1806
Beethoven lodges with Prince Lichnowsky, one of his important patrons, at his castle in Grätz, Silesia.
Beethoven composes the Mass in C Major op. 86 for Prince Esterhazy in Eisenstadt.
22 Dec 1808
Beethoven premieres the Fifth and Sixth Symphonies and other works
4 May 1809
The Emperor's family leaves Vienna due to another occupation of the city by French troops. The departure of his patron Archduke Rudolph inspires Beethoven to write the Piano Sonata op. 81a, "Das Lebewohl."
Beethoven writes the music for Goethe's "Egmont."
Beethoven travels from Vienna to Teplitz for his health, where he writes the letter to the "Immortal Beloved" and meets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
8 Dec 1813
Beethoven composes "Wellington's Victory or the Battle of Vittoria," op. 91, upon hearing of a decisive victory over Napoleon. It is first performed on this day along with the Seventh Symphony.
15 Nov 1815
Death of Beethoven's brother, Kaspar Karl
Beethoven is by now very deaf, and must communicate with people in writing via "conversation books."
Beethoven composes his last Piano Sonata, op. 111.
7 May 1824
Beethoven premieres the Ninth Symphony, after which he begins work on the last String Quartets.
Beethoven's last completed work is the new Finale for the String Quartet op. 130.
6 Aug 1826
Beethoven's live-in nephew Karl attempts suicide
26 Mar 1827
Death of Ludwig van Beethoven
Beethoven's remains are moved to the Zentralfriedhof Vienna.