Trip: Winter in Germany

  • Münster and Moving posted February 22, 2008 by Holly Hayes

    Nun on a bicycle foggy Münster It's hard believe we only have another week here before we begin our grand adventure on road Udo said that if he doesn't find a tenant by March 1 we can stay a little longer but it's not looking very likely He

  • Scenic Drive along the Romantic Rhine posted February 16, 2008 by Holly Hayes

    Today we took a nice drive along Romantic Rhine a stretch river that begins about an hour south "industrial Rhine" where we live Also known as Middle Rhine this riverside scenic area absolutely loaded with castles villages vineyards It a gr

  • Sunny Days in Cologne posted February 14, 2008 by Holly Hayes

    Last Saturday started off really nicely with sunshine a delicious breakfast rösti - Swiss dish we learned love Bern although this home version admittedly not that much different from hash browns Bellies full happy we then took tram into Co

  • Days Out in Worms and Mondorf posted February 10, 2008 by Holly Hayes

    We have had a busy last few days boy am I tuckered out But we have had some glorious sunny weather lately we have really been enjoying it Thursday: Worms On Thursday we went Worms - great name for a city although German it's pronounced "vor

  • Good Times at a Local German Karneval posted February 6, 2008 by Holly Hayes

    Our front door We didn't end up going big Rosenmontag Rose Monday celebration Cologne It cold raining one million people were expected be drunk on streets We can see how it would be fun but based on our experience Oktoberfest read: trying n

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