Trip: Southern Spain + Morocco

  • From La Giralda to La Macarena, Seville posted April 3, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    Above: Views Hotel Alminar Seville recommended! On morning Holy Tuesday David got up before me went out wander around a bit including having a brief look around cathedral which about three minutes from our front door He said it very impress

  • Italica, Birthplace of Roman Emperors posted April 3, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    Our spontaneous excursion Italica from Seville turned out be well worth it It much larger more impressive than we thought an ancient Roman site a nice change from churches not that I ever really get tired churches And thankfully it didn't r

  • Semana Santa in Seville posted April 3, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    After our afternoon excursion Italica we joined crowds next Seville Cathedral watch part a Semana Santa procession on Tuesday evening It definitely worth it but also involves a lot waiting crowding watching for pickpockets inhaling cigarett

  • Holy Toledo! posted April 2, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    This morning Madrid I had drag myself out bed at some ungodly hour like 7:00 We were aiming for 9:20 fast train Toledo with 10:50 as a backup ensure avoiding disappointment yesterday We sat down breakfast our hotel as soon as it began at 7:

  • Arrival in Seville during Semana Santa posted April 2, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    After a full day pounding cobbled streets Toledo we were grateful collapse into our comfortable seats on high-speed train for 25-hour journey Seville They played a movie English with Spanish subtitles handed out headphones just like on a pl

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