Broadway Tower is listed on the National Heritage List for England with the following data. Some information may have become outdated since the date of listing. Text courtesy of Historic England. © Crown Copyright, reprinted under the Open Government License.

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SP 13 NW BROADWAY CP BUCKLE STREET (off) Broadway Tower 5/8 30.7.59 II Folly. 1798 by James Wyatt for Lord Coventry. Limestone ashlar. Has three round corner turrets linked by two-bay canted sides. Four storeys, with battered lower storey. Embattled parapets: the turrets rise above the side walls. The turrets have narrow round-headed lights with stone surrounds. The first and second floor windows have round heads. On the third floor are round openings. Second floor windows have balconies with intersecting arches. Doorway, on south side, has round head. Between 1822 and 1862 the tower was used by Sir Thomas Phillips to house his private printing press. It was subsequently leased by Camel Price, an Oxford tutor. Among the people who stayed at the Tower were Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris.

Listing NGR: SP1136736213

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