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  • London Overview posted October 26, 2012 by Holly Hayes

    Tonight my last night London tomorrow afternoon I board Eurostar for Paris! This has been my longest stay London ever - almost two weeks - it has been wonderful London one my favorite cities I always leave wishing I had been able stay a lit

  • Only in London... posted October 23, 2012 by Holly Hayes

    Only London can you start out day at Henry VIII's house and end it at James Bond premiere!

  • London Fog posted October 22, 2012 by Holly Hayes

    It foggy misty all day today which I knew would mean a great opportunity for some atmospheric night photos So even though I already tired from walking around all day I went back my hotel grabbed my tripod then crammed back with commuters on

  • Historic Eating in Oxford posted October 21, 2012 by Holly Hayes

    I had only one day Oxford I made most my time photo opportunities by "eating historically" wherever possible! Here are two best examples I also had pizza an oldish building associated with Oxford Castle The Eagle Child The Eagle Child pub b

  • Some Snaps from London posted October 18, 2012 by Holly Hayes

    I am having a very good productive time London so far I've officially extended my stay here a total 12 days It very nice not have pack up lug my suitcase on a train for such a long time have an opportunity explore London greater depth than

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