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89 BCE
Roman citizenship given to all Italians
73 BCE
Revolt of Spartacus
46 BCE
Year of Confusion
46 BCE
Julius Caesar appointed dictator
15 Mar 44 BCE
Assassination of Julius Caesar
27 BCE
Marcus Agrippa constructs the Pantheon
27 BCE
Augustus is the First Roman Emperor
24 Jan 41 CE
Assassination of Caligula
64 CE
Paul the Apostle beheaded in Rome
70 CE
Construction begins on the Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum) under Emperor Vespasian, on the site of an artificial lake created by Nero in front of his Domus Aurea palace (later filled in)
24 Aug 79 CE
The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy devastates the provincial cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other nearby communities.
80 CE
Completion of the Colosseum under Emperor Titus
26 Apr 121 CE
Birth of Marcus Aurelius
125 CE
Hadrian rebuilds the Pantheon
128 CE
Construction of Hadrian's mausoleum (Castel Sant'Angelo)
28 Oct 312
Battle of Milvian Bridge; Constantine converts to Christianity
Edict of Milan grants official toleration of Christianity in the Roman Empire
Construction of the Arch of Constantine
Emperor Gratian removes Altar of Victory
17 Jan 395
Death of Theodosius I in Milan; body is brought back to Constantinople for burial
Construction begins on the church of Santa Sabina atop the Aventine Hill in Rome, on the site of the Temple of Juno Regina (whose columns are reused in the church). The church is an expansion of a Roman house-church owned by a woman named Sabina. The new
Construction begins on Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome
Completion of Santa Sabina in Rome.
Completion of Santa Maria Maggiore
Construction of San Vitale Basilica
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