Abbey with Flowers
View of the beautiful Abbey of Sant'Antimo in Tuscany from the north, with spring blossoms in the foreground. Said to have been founded by Charlemagne in 781, the present abbey church dates from 1118. Credit: David Joyal. view all images →
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Quick Facts on Italy

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Approx. Center
42.4489330° N, 12.5546410° E map
unification achieved 1870

Description of Italy

Inhabited since 50,000 BCE; settled by Indo-Europeans 1850 BCE, Etruscans 1600 BCE, and Greeks 800 BCE; united by Romans 270 BCE; independent states rose after fall of Holy Roman Empire, notably Naples, Milan, Florence, Venice and papacy; reunited in the 19th century; official language is Italian, though significant minorities speak German, French, and Slovene.

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