• Antwerp from the Window posted November 5, 2012 by Holly Hayes

    Greetings from Antwerp on Flemish Dutch side Belgium where I have stopped for three nights on my way Amsterdam and from there home! It has been very cold rainy here I have my second cold trip - not surprising after all public transportation

  • Brussels to Canterbury by Train, Ferry and Car posted September 19, 2010 by Holly Hayes

    We are back UK so happy be here! It's kind strange a way - everything so familiar that it seems like returning USA all a dream soon we'll just drive back our home Oxford We've revisited several our favorite things already: Marks & Spencers

  • Leiden and Brussels with Jet Lag posted September 18, 2010 by Holly Hayes

    Tonight I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open! And it only 8:30pm Sad Hopefully we'll get a good night's sleep tonight be done with jet lag This morning we were both wide awake at around 3:30am so we went down hotel restaurant with o

  • A Drive in the Netherlands and More Bruges posted November 30, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    Yesterday we took a drive north from Bruges into Netherlands It's not far away at all thanks European Union we hardly noticed when we crossed border There's just a small sign on side road mark spot We were region Zeeland which westernmost p

  • Day Trip to Ghent from Bruges posted November 30, 2007 by Holly Hayes

    View over Ghent I'm very sorry for delay between posts I've been a slacker but it sure has been nice spend evenings relaxing front TV then going straight bed! We realized today that this longest we've ever been on road we are so ready be se

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