Milvian Bridge Italy

On this ancient bridge over the Tiber River in 312 CE, Constantine the Great defeated Maxentius to become the sole Roman emperor of the West. Blown up in 1849 and rebuilt the following year, the Milvian Bridge now carries only pedestrians across the river.

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Milvian Bridge
Pons Milvius Latin
Ponte Milvio Italian
41.9355560° N, 12.4669440° E

Location Map

Map showing the location of Milvian Bridge, Rome, Italy. (Note: The address shown in the upper-left panel is sometimes inaccurate.) Click here to view larger.

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109 BCE
The Roman censor Marcus Aemilius Scaurus builds the Pons Milvius (Milvian Bridge) to allow the Via Flaminia to cross the Tiber River.
63 BCE
Cicero captures emissaries on Milvian Bridge
108 CE
Pope Pius VII restores the Milvian Bridge, adding a triumphal arch at its entrance.
28 Oct 312
Battle of Milvian Bridge; Constantine converts to Christianity
Garibaldi blows up the Milvian Bridge to slow the advance of French troops.
The Milvian Bridge is restored by Pope Pius IX.