Founded by a Saxon princess, this abbey hosted an important church council and was powerful throughout the Middle Ages. Today, it is an evocative ruin on a windswept cliff overlooking the North Sea.

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Exterior view from south. Whitby Abbey, founded in 657 by St. Hilda and rebuilt in the 13th century. Yorkshire, England. Holly Hayes
Location map of Whitby Abbey, Whitby, England. Click to enlarge.
Aerial view of Whitby Abbey, Whitby, England. Click to enlarge.

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Whitby Abbey
54.4884510° N, 0.6071660° W map · aerial
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1. 18ll Whitby Abbey (Ruins) NZ 9011 2/1 23.2.54.


2. Founded by Oswy, king of Northumbria, in about 656, the first abbess being St Hilda. Destroyed by the Danes in circa 870 and refounded for the Benedictines by Reinfrid, one of the soldiers of William the Conqueror. Extensive ruins of the church from early Cl2 to Cl4. See 'Whitby Abbey' by Department of the Environment, AM. NMR.

Listing NGR: NZ9030811222

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Whitby Abbey, Whitby, England
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