Majestic architecture and venerable history are what bring most visitors to Canterbury Cathedral but it is also full of wonderful art details, from medieval stained glass to hidden Green Men.

Southwest Exterior
View from the southwest on a stormy November day. Holly Hayes
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Canterbury Cathedral
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944 THE CATHEDRAL PRECINCTS Christchurch Cathedral TR 1557 NW 5/1 3.12.49 I The original church on the site was one built for Roman CHristians. St Augustine reconsecrated theis church in 602 AD. The Present building is a mixture of building styles from the C11 to the present day. The exterior is built mainly of Caen stone. On the East side some Romanesque arcading is visible though most of the stone work dates from 1175-84, built by WIlliam of Sens and WIlliam the Englishman, or form the late C14 to Mid C15 rebuilding. The south-west tower was built in 1424-34, the north-west tower is a replica of this built in 1832-41. THe central "Bell Harry" tower of brick faced with stone was built between 1494 and 1503 and is one of the first brick structures. 7 bay Nave with clerestory, built between 1378 - 1410. Choir and Corona built by William of Sens and William the Englishman. Very fine early Romanesque crypt of 10 bays and Chapel of OUr Lady of the Undercroft.

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