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Welcome to the Go Historic Blog! This is mainly a travel blog documenting trips to historic places, plus a sprinkling of news and features related to history, architecture, art, and this website.

Rome Day 2
posted November 16, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Greetings from beautiful Venice, where it has rained most of the evening but it is spectacular anyway. We are here for three nights, and look forward to a full day of exploring tomorrow. But first, there is more Rome to share...

Rome Day 1
posted November 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes

After lots of rain the night before, the sun shone brightly Wednesday morning so we headed for St. Peter's Basilica, which faces east unlike most other churches. It turned out to be a very lucky decision!

First Night in Rome
posted November 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes

So finally, the first of the Rome reports! First, the hotel. It's called Les Fleurs Luxury House (a half-French, half-English name in Italy...) and was very nice. It has a good location and its modern decor was a welcome change from the older, more traditional hotels we've had in Italy so far...

posted November 14, 2010 by Holly Hayes

I'm back! I'm very sorry about the long blog absence. The internet situation in Rome was horrible. Such a shame, too, because our hotel was otherwise really nice. The wifi never worked at all, and even when we used a cable (which we had to share), it only worked intermittently...

Brief Note from London
posted November 10, 2010 by Holly Hayes

I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately, but we're now in London for three nights and the itinerary looks to be slow enough to allow for more computer time. And my laptop now has a brand-new hard drive and is working well - a big thanks to David for that! So I'll try to finally post some photos tomorrow or the next day...

One Night in Pisa
posted November 8, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Our short time in Pisa was really fun and I'm a little sorry I didn't schedule two nights there. Our hotel was just OK (good decor and friendly people, but sheets that felt scratchy and weirdly damp) but had a great location less than 10 minutes' walk from the "Field of Miracles" with its magnificent monuments...

Beautiful Bologna
posted November 7, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Our full day in Bologna yesterday was long, busy, and very fun. We both slept well (Sarah has recovered almost instantly from jet lag - very impressive!), had a good breakfast in our hotel (quite substantial for Italy), then started off strong with a climb up a tall tower.

Bologna, with Sarah!
posted November 5, 2010 by Holly Hayes

I arrived in Bologna around 12:30 today and have been really impressed with the city so far. It's a much bigger city compared to Parma, but not in a bad way - the main sights are still walkable and there's lots of good shopping you wouldn't get in a smaller town...

Fidenza and Last Day in Parma
posted November 4, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Today was my last day in Parma and it was a busy one, despite some general intentions to relax. The weather was beautiful, which is fantastic but always means more work! I made a day trip by train to nearby Fidenza, took many more photos of Parma, and got ready for the move to Bologna tomorrow morning...

Pavia to Parma, with Lots of Food Photos!
posted November 3, 2010 by Holly Hayes

First, an update on David's progress in heading back home. He successfully took the car back to Dusseldorf today, but it took a long time. He got stuck in traffic on the way there, then had train delays on the way back (in Germany! blasphemy!)...