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Welcome to the Go Historic Blog! This is mainly a travel blog documenting trips to historic places, plus a sprinkling of news and features related to history, architecture, art, and this website.

Erfurt to Mainz to Trier
posted November 28, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Saturday Morning in Erfurt The sun finally came out the morning we left Erfurt, which has been a frustratingly consistent pattern in other cities as well! But we were able to squeeze in a quick trip to the cathedral and Christmas market before leaving at about 11:30am.

Erfurt Christmas Market
posted November 26, 2010 by Holly Hayes

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We spent our Turkey Day on a four-hour train ride, which was crowded and not too fun, and at the Erfurt Christmas Market, which was very fun! The market is the main reason we're here in Erfurt - it's an exceptionally big one and has a beautiful setting on the cathedral square...

Salzburg and Regensburg
posted November 24, 2010 by Holly Hayes

We are now north of the Alps, where the weather is cold and dreary, but it is still very nice to be back in German-speaking lands. Not to mention the lands of the Christmas markets! Salzburg We had a long train ride from Verona to Salzburg, about six hours total, but it didn't seem bad at all because we were on such nice trains and had good books to read...

Beautiful (and Delicious) Verona
posted November 23, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Ponte Pietra, Verona We arrived in Verona from Venice last Friday (I am writing this from Regensburg, where I may finally get caught up!). It was a long and tiring day but resulted in a lot of good photos - and ended with a seriously delicious Italian dinner...

Highlights of Venice
posted November 22, 2010 by Holly Hayes

(Magnificent photo by Sarah) Venice was great fun. It is such a unique and magical city, with streets made of water and complete lack of cars. We had a particularly wonderful arrival, which set the tone for our three-night stay very nicely...

A Boat Ride to the Venetian Islands
posted November 22, 2010 by Holly Hayes

We spent most of our second day in Venice taking a boat ride in the Venetian lagoon. It was a small ferry boat and the ride took about 40 minutes each way. It stopped at the islands of Murano (famous for its glass) and Burano (famous for its lace and colorful houses), and from Burano we took another boat to the island of Torcello, whose wonderful old cathedral was our main reason for the trip...

Venice Coming Soon
posted November 21, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Well, I'm sorry to say our internet access in Verona was slow and unreliable, so I wasn't able to upload Venice photos from there. Boo. And now we are in a great hotel in Salzburg and the internet seems good, but something has gone wrong with my Flickr Uploadr and I can't get all my photos to upload...

Highlights of Florence
posted November 19, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Foggy view of Florence from San Miniato al Monte We had a very pleasant two-night stay in Florence (Sunday and Monday). As I think I've mentioned previously, it was a really nice change from Rome - quiet and peaceful...

Rome Day 4
posted November 18, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Our last full day in Rome (Sat Nov 13) had a much lighter agenda, but we still got a whole lot of exercise. The main goal of the day was to visit the Colosseum before it closed and squeeze in a couple more churches...

Rome Day 3
posted November 17, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Day 3 (Fri Nov 12) Friday was another very full day in Rome. Our first stop was San Luigi dei Francesi, the main church of the French community in Rome, dedicated to Saint Louis. We visited because it has three beautiful and famous paintings by Caravaggio (1571-1610).