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Welcome to the Go Historic Blog! This is mainly a travel blog documenting trips to historic places, plus a sprinkling of news and features related to history, architecture, art, and this website.

Just a Bit from BathJust a Bit from Bath
posted October 12, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I am currently in Bath and taking advantage of every minute in this beautiful city. I've been going out as soon as I get up for photos in the morning sun, staying out until after dark for photos in the twilight hour, standing around waiting for the sun to emerge from the clouds (always worth it), experimenting with some new photo techniques, taking my time exploring lots of great sights, and of course having lots of tea! And tonight I went to a play in a pretty little historic theater, and didn't get home until around 11pm...

Day Trips from York: Selby and Castle HowardDay Trips from York: Selby and Castle Howard
posted October 10, 2012 by Holly Hayes

On my last full day in York, I went to two different destinations by train in the same day, which were in opposite directions! But only 20 minutes' ride in both cases. I really enjoyed both, and the weather even cooperated beautifully...

York: A Return to Medieval EnglandYork: A Return to Medieval England
posted October 8, 2012 by Holly Hayes

As you know from my last couple of posts, I found Glasgow and Liverpool to be very interesting and very cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in both cities. But when I arrived in York, it was a return to the UK I love best: good and old! Case in point: during the short ride from the York train station to my B&B, the view from the taxi window included a small section of an ancient Roman wall, large sections of the medieval city walls, a glimpse of the glorious Gothic towers of York Minster, a plaque marking the former home of poet W...

Cool Liverpool
posted October 6, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Liverpool is one of the few cities on this trip I haven't visited before, and I didn't have much time to research it before I arrived. I only learned enough to know the major sights I needed to photograph...

Day Trip to Stirling
posted October 4, 2012 by Holly Hayes

On my last full day in Glasgow, I made an afternoon trip by train to Stirling, mainly to see Stirling Castle and the National Wallace Monument. It was an easy trip of 25 minutes each way.

Highlights of GlasgowHighlights of Glasgow
posted October 2, 2012 by Holly Hayes

My two days in Glasgow were excellent. You have already seen how good my hotel was, which is very important for getting work and rest done...

Minneapolis to Glasgow
posted September 30, 2012 by Holly Hayes

On Tuesday (and Wednesday), I made my longest journey of the trip. It was after 5:00am on my body clock by the time I arrived (and I can never sleep on the plane), so I was mighty tired, but I took it one step at a time and it all went quite well...

Yay Liverpool!
posted September 29, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I arrived in Liverpool this evening and I dig it so far! I enjoyed Glasgow, too. Since I'm a few days behind, here's your first glimpse of Europe on the blog, but now I'm going to bed...

Highlights of MinneapolisHighlights of Minneapolis
posted September 28, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Although my lovely cousins Kim and Kristen and their husbands had just pulled off a spectacularly beautiful DIY wedding, cleaned up after it, driven back and forth to Wisconsin multiple times, and dealt with various minor catastrophes (including a cell phone dropped down an outhouse toilet and a midnight emergency with a nearly-poisoned dog), they showed me a wonderful time in Minneapolis on Monday...

F. Scott Fitzgerald in St. PaulF. Scott Fitzgerald in St. Paul
posted September 26, 2012 by Holly Hayes

The day after I arrived in Minnesota, I took a long photowalk around St. Paul. Although I've visited the city many times since childhood, only recently have I begun to really notice its history and architecture...