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Welcome to the Go Historic Blog! This is mainly a travel blog documenting trips to historic places, plus a sprinkling of news and features related to history, architecture, art, and this website.

Train trip to Astoria
posted September 10, 2005 by Holly Hayes

Today we took a "Lewis & Clark Expedition" train to Astoria with my family - Dad, stepmom Lisa, stepsiblings Brad and Vanessa, aunt Janice, David and I. We left the house at the insane hour of 6:45 AM, as the train departed at 7:50 from somewhere near St...

London to Paris
posted [unpublished] by Holly Hayes

Backing it up a bit, I thought I'd post some photos of the day I left London and arrived in Paris, which was quite a long day. The forecast was for a lot of sunshine, so I booked a ticket for 5:30pm on the Eurostar and planned to spend most of the day in London...

Paris So Far
posted [unpublished] by Holly Hayes

I had a good and very productive week in Paris, which I will attempt to summarize in a single blog post. I took several thousand photos, at least some of them good, so that's the main thing. My French, such as it is, ground back to life and got some practice...

For Later
posted [unpublished] by Holly Hayes

An Unusual Museum London also has no shortage of violent, creepy, and/or disturbing history, and much of it is on display in one way or another. Medieval torture devices, Jack the Ripper sites, a museum exhibit on bodysnatchers, ghost tours, a re-created prison with inhumane conditions - take your pick! I generally avoid such attractions, but I did visit two places that qualify under this heading, and found them interesting! The first is the Old Operating Theatre, a small and quirky museum in "my" neighborhood of Southwark...