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Welcome to the Go Historic Blog! This is mainly a travel blog documenting trips to historic places, plus a sprinkling of news and features related to history, architecture, art, and this website.

Portland to Seattle, the Long WayPortland to Seattle, the Long Way
posted June 18, 2014 by Holly Hayes

Last Sunday I drove from my home in Portland to my aunt's house in West Seattle, where I'll be staying for a couple of days before continuing north to explore the Olympic Peninula. It's just over a three-hour drive between Portland and Seattle on Interstate 5, but I hate freeways...

On the Road Again SoonOn the Road Again Soon
posted June 10, 2014 by Holly Hayes

Hello! Long time, no see. I am finally emerging, blinking in the sunlight, from a long winter hunched over the computer. I'm sorry I haven't posted to the blog for so long, but I needed to focus on developing the core of Go Historic for awhile...

Art and History in Tacoma, WashingtonArt and History in Tacoma, Washington
posted November 6, 2013 by Holly Hayes

In late September, David and I took a little four-day road trip to Washington State. We visited a few new places, revisited a few old favorites, and spent some quality time with my aunt who lives near Seattle...

Heritage Home Tour in Portland, OregonHeritage Home Tour in Portland, Oregon
posted August 10, 2013 by Holly Hayes

A couple of weekends ago, I visited three of the five homes on the 4th Annual Heritage Home Tour in Portland. David came along, the sun was out, we had ice cream, we visited a few other historic places along the way...

A Portland PhotowalkA Portland Photowalk
posted April 3, 2013 by Holly Hayes

Saturday March 30 was one of those freakishly hot days that sometimes appear in Portland in early spring: clear blue sky and a high temperature in the upper 80s. So I took my camera downtown to capture the cherry blossoms in bloom, and ended up spending several hours on a very pleasant photowalk...

Springtime in Salem, OregonSpringtime in Salem, Oregon
posted March 20, 2013 by Holly Hayes

On Monday I was down in Salem (about an hour south of Portland) to visit my good friend Sarah. After a magnificent lunch at Word of Mouth (which I can never pass up when I'm down there!) we visited a few historic spots for some pictures with the early spring blossoms...

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!
posted December 25, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Merry Christmas, blog readers! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Shown above is the magnificent Christmas market in Erfurt, Germany, 2010.

Go Historic Launches Today!Go Historic Launches Today!
posted December 12, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Well, I've been working on Go Historic for well over a year now, and it's been in "private beta" (i.e., published and mostly functional, but not many people can view it) since the summer. It is still not finished, but it's mostly presentable now, and how can I pass up a birthday of 12/12/12? So, today is the official "public beta launch" of Go Historic!

Homeward BoundHomeward Bound
posted November 7, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I'm coming home tomorrow, yay! It has been a great and very productive trip, but six weeks is a long time and I'm looking forward to returning to family, friends, and the familiar. I'm leaving from Amsterdam as usual, where I arrived from Minnesota so many moons ago...

The Big Walk in ParisThe Big Walk in Paris
posted November 7, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I had a good and very productive week in Paris. I took several thousand photos, at least some of them good, and that's the main thing. My French, such as it is, ground back to life and got some good practice...