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Highlights of London
posted October 17, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Tonight we are settled in our new hotel in Mainz and tomorrow we go to Heidelberg for two nights. Looking forward to it! But first, here are some highlights from our three days in London (Monday-Wednesday)...

Maastricht and Strikes in France
posted October 16, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Friday afternoon we drove from Cologne to Maastricht, in the far southwest corner of the Netherlands. It is a historic city and seemed to make a good stop on the way to France. Best yet, we got to sleep in a Gothic monastery! We stayed in the Kruisherenhotel, an ultra-modern hotel built inside a 15th-century church and monastery...

Great Hotel and Great Dinner in Mainz
posted October 16, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Today we drove from Maastricht, Netherlands, to Mainz, Germany, a sizable and historic city along the Rhine River. The drive took about two and a half hours, and other than intermittent rainstorms and a major traffic jam near Aachen due to road work, it was a really pleasant drive...

London to Cologne by Train
posted October 16, 2010 by Holly Hayes

OK, I promise London highlights are coming soon, but there are a lot of pictures to deal with for that post and I don't want to get too far behind on what we're currently up to. So here's the latest. We are changing countries at a rapid rate these days and it's getting a little dizzying! In just the past few days, we've been in England, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Germany again...

Thames Cruise to the Tower Bridge
posted October 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes

One of the most enjoyable experiences we had in London was an afternoon cruise in the sunshine on the Thames River, from the Embankment Pier to the Tower Bridge. It wasn't a fancy cruise, just a river taxi that is marketed as an extension of the London Underground...

A Nice Surprise at Christ Church, Oxford
posted October 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes

For me, the biggest highlight of our brief return to Oxford was my visit to Christ Church College on Monday morning. The morning light was gorgeous and I arrived around 9am to take photos of the east side of the cathedral...

Highlights of Oxford
posted October 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes

OK, finally catching up on Oxford. We had lovely weather in Oxford during our short visit and it was really fun to see all the old familiar places again. Our hotel in the former prison was pretty fun, too!

Quick Update: Last Day in London
posted October 13, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Another long, busy and fun day in London today, mostly spent in museums and doing a foot-numbing amount of walking. I walked over an hour west - which took me through Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Green Park, and a quick stop at Harrod's - to visit the new Medieval & Renaissance galleries in the V&A...

Gloucester to Oxford via the Cotswolds
posted October 12, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Saturday morning we visited Gloucester Cathedral, which we have visited once before. It's a great cathedral and it's wonderfully friendly to photographers, even in the crypt. It also doesn't have an admission fee or photo permit fee, and the staff are friendly and enthusiastic, all of which made me happily give a whole lot more to the donation boxes than would have been asked for in fees (listen up, stingy cathedrals!)...

Herefordshire Churches
posted October 12, 2010 by Holly Hayes

We had a great full day in London today, with lots more sunshine than forecasted, including a long (but not long enough!) visit to the medieval galleries in the British Museum by myself and a cruise on the Thames that we both really enjoyed...