A Night in Beverley, Yorkshire

posted September 23, 2010 by Holly Hayes
part of trip: UK + Western Europe 2010

Greetings from the Yorkshire town of Beverley, where we are staying one night in order to see Beverley Minster, a fine Gothic cathedral. The town itself is relaxed and quite attractive as well. We seem to be virtually the only tourists here, which is pretty great!

The weather has been all over the place today, from partly sunny in the afternoon to dark skies, thunder, and heavy rain by dinnertime. It is pouring like crazy as I write this at around 10pm. But the variable weather has made for some really nice photography light at fleeting moments.

Beverley town center

Town center detail

Market square

Beverley Minster

The attractive St. Mary's Church

Side view of same

We are staying in a B&B that is right next door to the minster (Beverley Minster Garth Guest House) but unfortunately doesn't have any direct views. Our room is nicely decorated but extremely small, and the Wi-Fi only works on one side of the room (the side without a desk, of course!).

We had a nice lunch of Marks & Spencer sandwiches on a bench in the main square, and I had a most delicious smoothie made of yogurt, banana, blueberry, apple and honey. YUM.

Our afternoon was nice and relaxing since we just have one thing to photograph, but the downside is that our room isn't all that pleasant to hang out in and we spent a lot of time wrestling with the Wi-Fi. We had a nice dinner at a pub called the King's Arms.

My meal: gammon (= ham) with eggs, chips and peas (the ham was really salty as always, but I like it that way)

David's steak and ale pie - he left behind a lot of the buttery crust, but it was quite good.

Our walk back to the B&B was quite wet but also quite attractive.

Beverley has cream-colored phone boxes instead of the usual red, because they are municipally sponsored instead of nationally. Or something like that. They're pretty, anyway.

Beverley Minster all lit up

A tripod attempt from the other side

We generally slept well despite the cramped quarters and funny smell, and got on the road for Durham around 8am.

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