Quick Update: Last Day in London

posted October 13, 2010 by Holly Hayes part of trip: UK + Western Europe 2010

Another long, busy and fun day in London today, mostly spent in museums and doing a foot-numbing amount of walking. I walked over an hour west - which took me through Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Green Park, and a quick stop at Harrod's - to visit the new Medieval & Renaissance galleries in the V&A. It was wonderful and totally worth the pilgrimage - but I did take a cab back! Meanwhile, David walked a long distance south to visit the Tate Modern, which he didn't really like except for the Picassos.

Tonight was totally consumed with making our next travel plans, so unfortunately I'm not going to get a chance to post photos of Oxford and London tonight like I'd hoped. I'm very sorry about that - I hope I might be able to work on it tomorrow on the train.

We've changed our plans again for going back to the continent tomorrow - instead of a ferry to the Netherlands, we're taking the Eurostar train under the English Channel to Brussels, then a connecting train to Cologne, Germany. (You may have heard that French transport workers are striking today and tomorrow - fortunately that doesn't affect the Eurostar.) The total journey will take about four hours. We'll arrive in Cologne around 8:30pm, stay overnight, then pick up another rental car in nearby Dusseldorf the next day.

It's a little sad to leave the UK, and especially our comfy London hotel, but we're ready to move on to the next thing. After the brief foray into Germany, we'll mostly be in northern France for the rest of October.

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