Antwerp from the Window

posted November 5, 2012 by Holly Hayes part of trip: The Great European Road Trip

Greetings from Antwerp, on the Flemish (Dutch) side of Belgium, where I have stopped for three nights on my way to Amsterdam (and from there, home)! It has been very cold and rainy here, and I have my second cold of the trip - not surprising after all the public transportation and night photography in Paris - but I have otherwise had a nice time in Antwerp.

In particular, my hotel room feels positively palatial after three weeks in London and Paris! It also has a wonderful view, which I requested specially and was thrilled to get. AND it has a window that opens and a windowsill big enough for my tripod, so I've been able to do a lot of photography without even leaving the comfort of my room! A heck of a deal, in light of the above-mentioned weather and sickness. And I even got to soothe my weary muscles in the hotel jacuzzi, thanks to the swimsuit I bought way back in Bath.

Tonight I have been working on a big blog post on Paris, which I hope to complete in Amsterdam tomorrow night. In the meantime, here are a few snaps from my hotel window. (The very cool building across the square is Antwerp Central Station.)

View from North
View from North at Dusk
View from North


View from North at Dusk
View from North by Night

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