Warner Brothers Studio Tour Highlights

posted December 16, 2011 by Holly Hayes
part of trip: California + Vegas Road Trip

Today we finally went on the Warner Brothers studio tour, and it was fantastic. Then we watched the sunset and the city lights from Griffith Observatory, and had a delicious dinner at the "Farm Beverly Hills." It was a good day. Just a few tour highlights for now:

A warm welcome from Daffy

The original couch on the original Central Perk set from Friends. AWESOME.

More of the Central Perk set.

The Mentalist filming on the "Midwest" backlot, which has also been used in Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie. Even better, we got a complete tour of The Mentalist's main set (the CBI offices). Couldn't take pictures in there, sadly, but it was super cool to see everything close up. And later we saw the actor who plays Rigsby riding in a van on the way to the outdoor set! I had hoped to see the Big Bang Theory set as well, and it is normally part of the tour, but they were having their Christmas party.

Conan O'Brien's beautiful Audi. The tour guide didn't tell us this, but it's the best spot outside his production offices and the one next to it is marked "A. Richter."

Exact replica of the President's Oval Office desk, created for The West Wing with special permission, and now available for other shows in the prop department.

The Gran Torino from Gran Torino.

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Warner Brothers Studio Tour Highlights
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