Seville to Cordoba

posted April 4, 2007 by Holly Hayes part of trip: Graduate School in Oxford

My last post left off with us making last-minute plans to rent a car from Seville and use it to visit Cordoba, then get to the ferry port in Algeciras. I was really happy that this new plan would allow us to have a relaxing morning and then go up in La Giralda (the cathedral tower) when it opened at 11. We were also looking forward to taking more pictures of the inside of Seville Cathedral at a time when it was open to tourists, not for a service, and accordingly there would be no limitations on photography.

So I slept in a bit, we had a relaxing breakfast downstairs, packed up, and checked out. It was rough hearing the "unholy prices for Holy Week" price on checkout, especially since we had thought our breakfasts were included and they ended up being extra. Oh well. They kindly allowed us to put our bags behind the desk for safekeeping, and we were off to the cathedral just before 11.

When we arrived, there was a line already. We joined it reluctantly, thinking it shouldn't take too long, but then noticed that the line was for Groups Only. The line for non-groups was on the other side of the cathedral and it was absolutely huge. We haven't seen a line like that since the Vatican Museums in Rome (and those are legendary).

la giralda, seville
Adios, La Giralda. :(

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