Thames Cruise to the Tower Bridge

posted October 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes
part of trip: UK + Western Europe 2010

One of the most enjoyable experiences we had in London was an afternoon cruise in the sunshine on the Thames River, from the Embankment Pier to the Tower Bridge. It wasn't a fancy cruise, just a river taxi that is marketed as an extension of the London Underground. But it was really fun and an efficient way to get us to the Tower, which was a long way down the river from our hotel. London Eye Parliament and Big Ben St. Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge Millennium Bridge with Tower Bridge in the distance Tower of London The main reason we went to the Tower Bridge is that one of my photos of Oxford is featured in a temporary exhibition up there! That is quite an honor, and it was pretty great to be able to see it in person since it's only running this summer. In fact, we weren't totally sure the exhibition would still be there, so it made us extra happy to find that it was! Tower Bridge from the boat - the exhibition is on the walkway way up high between the towers. We had to ride a crowded elevator up to the walkways, but mercifully it was a very quick and smooth ride without any sensation of height. General view of the exhibition The exhibition is called "River Thames: From Source to Sea". There were strong reflections from the sunlight up there - sorry about the glare. That's my photo on the left, representing Oxford. The original photo Yay!

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Thames Cruise to the Tower Bridge
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October 15, 2010
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