World Heritage Sites

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  • Skara Brae Orkney Islands, Scotland c. 3000-2500 BCE

    Located on a scenic coast in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, Skara Brae is the best-preserved Neolithic village in northern Europe. Dating from around 3000 BCE (older than Stonehenge), the prehistoric homes even include original stone furniture.

  • Chartres Cathedral Chartres, France 1140-1260

    One of the greatest achievements in the history of architecture, Chartres Cathedral (1140-1260) is almost perfectly preserved in its original medieval design, from innovative Gothic architecture to extensive portal sculptures and stained glass.

  • Conques Abbey Conques, France c. 1030-1120

    Nestled high in the hills of southwest France, the picturesque little village of Conques is home to a magnificent Romanesque abbey church.

  • Porticoes of Bologna Bologna, Italy 12th-20th cent.

    Designated a World Heritage Site in 2021, the beautiful porticoes of Bologna spread throughout the city and across the centuries.

  • Amiens Cathedral Amiens, France

    Famed for both its architecture and sculpture, Amiens Cathedral is the largest cathedral in France and a World Heritage Site. With Chartres and Reims, it is one of the three great High Gothic French cathedrals built in the 13th century.

  • Maulbronn Monastery Maulbronn, Germany 1147

    A World Heritage Site, Maulbronn Monastery (Kloster Maulbronn) is the best-preserved medieval monastery north of the Alps. Its architecture, mostly in the Transitional Gothic style, was highly influential in the area.

  • Pantheon Rome, Italy

    This magnificent ancient temple was built by Emperor Hadrian in 125 and converted into a church in 609. It is the oldest intact ancient building in Rome.

  • Moissac Abbey Cloister Moissac, France 1100

    Completed in 1100, the cloister of Moissac Abbey in southwest France is one of the finest galleries of Romanesque art in the world. It is the oldest and largest cloister with narrative capitals.

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris, France 1296

    One of the most famous cathedrals in the world, this Early Gothic beauty is a must-see for its historical importance, fascinating sculpture, and medieval stained glass.

  • City Church (Stadtkirche Sankt Marien) Wittenberg, Germany

    Martin Luther preached the Reformation, got married, and baptized his six children in this twin-towered Gothic church. Inside, Lucas Cranach's huge Reformation Altar includes images of Luther as well as Christ.

  • Kinkakuji Kyoto, Japan 1393

    This gold-leaf-covered temple is one of the most beautiful sights in Kyoto, nestled in the woods and reflected in the waters of its garden pond.

  • Trier Cathedral Trier, Germany 1035

    Originally built by Emperor Constantine in 326, Trier Cathedral is the oldest church in Germany.

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