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Goodnight from ParisGoodnight from Paris
posted October 30, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Just time for a quick photo tonight, of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. I'll tell you about how I got this photo (taken just a few hours ago), plus several other Paris highlights, next time!

Nighttime Arrival in ParisNighttime Arrival in Paris
posted October 27, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Bonsoir from Paris! My Eurostar train arrived at 9pm (local time, which is an hour ahead of London), and I successfully navigated the Metro (which stinks - both literally and figuratively - compared to the London Underground), then walked in the wrong direction for 10 minutes, but at least I ended up at the Louvre...

London Overview
posted October 26, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Tonight is my last night in London, and tomorrow afternoon I board the Eurostar for Paris! This has been my longest stay in London ever - almost two weeks - and it has been wonderful. London is one of my favorite cities, and I always leave wishing I had been able to stay a little longer and see a few more things...

Only in London...
posted October 23, 2012 by Holly Hayes

Only in London can you start out the day at Henry VIII's house... ...and end it at the James Bond premiere!

London FogLondon Fog
posted October 22, 2012 by Holly Hayes

It was foggy and misty all day today, which I knew would mean a great opportunity for some atmospheric night photos. So even though I was already tired from walking around all day, I went back to my hotel, grabbed my tripod, then crammed back in with the commuters on the Tube so I could spend some quality time with Big Ben and the London Eye...

Historic Eating in OxfordHistoric Eating in Oxford
posted October 21, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I had only one day in Oxford, and I made the most of my time and photo opportunities by "eating historically" wherever possible! Here are the two best examples (I also had pizza in an oldish building associated with the Oxford Castle)...

Some Snaps from LondonSome Snaps from London
posted October 18, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I am having a very good and productive time in London so far, and I've officially extended my stay here to a total of 12 days. It is very nice not to have to pack up and lug my suitcase on a train for such a long time, and to have an opportunity to explore London in greater depth than I ever have before...

Today: Bath to LondonToday: Bath to London
posted October 14, 2012 by Holly Hayes

So I've decided my traditional approach of blogging in chronological order is for the birds. From now on I'm going to post what I want to, regardless of what order it happened in! So although I still have photos and stories to share from Peterborough, Cambridge, Oxford, and more of Bath, I'm just going to tell you what I did today...

Just a Bit from BathJust a Bit from Bath
posted October 12, 2012 by Holly Hayes

I am currently in Bath and taking advantage of every minute in this beautiful city. I've been going out as soon as I get up for photos in the morning sun, staying out until after dark for photos in the twilight hour, standing around waiting for the sun to emerge from the clouds (always worth it), experimenting with some new photo techniques, taking my time exploring lots of great sights, and of course having lots of tea! And tonight I went to a play in a pretty little historic theater, and didn't get home until around 11pm...

Day Trips from York: Selby and Castle HowardDay Trips from York: Selby and Castle Howard
posted October 10, 2012 by Holly Hayes

On my last full day in York, I went to two different destinations by train in the same day, which were in opposite directions! But only 20 minutes' ride in both cases. I really enjoyed both, and the weather even cooperated beautifully...