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Vegas Highlights Part II
posted December 22, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Greetings from Reno! Vegas was super fun, but it's nice to be moving on. After packing up and bidding a fond farewell to our lovely hotel room this morning, we drove to Aria, a neighboring hotel with a Wolfgang Puck cafe David found yesterday...

Vegas Highlights Part I
posted December 21, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Well, our two days in Vegas have been very fun, and very busy as usual. Although I didn't have too much "work" to do here (though I did manage some), I personally found it all very interesting and wanted to see as much as I could...

Vegas, Baby
posted December 20, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Greetings from Sin City! I am just sitting down to write this at 12:37 AM - clearly we are infected with the Vegas spirit already. I am really enjoying my first visit to Vegas so far - my eyes have been like saucers all night...

Last Day in LALast Day in LA
posted December 18, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Had a very busy day today - the first day it really felt like work! We started out this morning with a return trip to the Chinese Theater to do a tour of the inside, which was very fun and easy. The theater is so beautiful and it's kind of hard to comprehend just how many movie premieres and movie stars have been there over the years, ever since the earliest days of Hollywood...

A Visit to the Getty CenterA Visit to the Getty Center
posted December 17, 2011 by Holly Hayes

On Thursday of our visit to Los Angeles, we visited the Getty Center. Opened in 1997, it is a large complex of buildings on a hilltop founded by an oil billionaire, J. Paul Getty. I was surprised by the somewhat limited amount of art, most of which dates from after 1300, but it is displayed very well - lots of space, good labels, beautiful frames and painted backgrounds...

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Highlights
posted December 16, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Today we finally went on the Warner Brothers studio tour, and it was fantastic. Then we watched the sunset and the city lights from Griffith Observatory, and had a delicious dinner at the "Farm Beverly Hills...

LA Day 2: Hollywood and TV TapingLA Day 2: Hollywood and TV Taping
posted December 16, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Yesterday we had the warmest weather yet (almost 70 I believe) and a great day of activities. We started out with a late breakfast at the Beverly Center - a ham and egg sandwich from California Crisp for me; a chicken and rice dish from Panda Express for David (who had been up longer than me).

LA Day 1 and Other Highlights
posted December 13, 2011 by Holly Hayes

I'm never going to catch up completely at the rate I'm going, so I think I'll save Monterey and the Hearst Castle for after we get home. But here are a couple of quick highlights from recent days:

The Presidio and Stanford
posted December 11, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Greetings from Cambria, a little town by Highway 1. We managed to see everything we had hoped to today: the Monterey Bay Aquarium (very fun but seriously overpriced at $30); the Carmel mission (very nice); and the Hearst Castle...

Monterey and AlcatrazMonterey and Alcatraz
posted December 10, 2011 by Holly Hayes

Whew, it has been a busy couple of days and the next few look to be the same way. But we are having lots of fun in the California sunshine. Yesterday we left San Francisco and drove down Highway 101 (and various other winding roads) to Monterey...