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Amsterdam to Portland
posted December 6, 2010 by Holly Hayes

We spent our last two nights in Europe by the airport in Amsterdam in the unique citizenM hotel, which I've stayed in before and like quite a lot. I asked for rooms on an upper floor with views of the planes and Sarah and I both really enjoyed it...

Trier to Utrecht
posted December 3, 2010 by Holly Hayes

It's always sad to leave Germany but it has also been nice being back in the Netherlands, where I no longer have to hurt my brain trying to speak German! Everyone here speaks excellent English, so it's a little like being back home already...

Christmas Market and Snowy Sightseeing in Trier
posted December 1, 2010 by Holly Hayes

We had a nice time in Trier. It has lots of ancient Roman stuff, an old cathedral, great museums, a good Christmas market, and it snowed throughout the day. Unfortunately, the snow did not fall in big, slow flakes, but tiny icy flakes that seemed to drive straight into our faces no matter which direction we were walking...