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St. Andrews and the Highlands
posted September 30, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Greetings from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. It is beautiful here and we've been having a good time. Our journey didn't start off so well, though! Yesterday, from the moment we woke up in Edinburgh until into the evening, it poured down rain...

At Home in Edinburgh
posted September 28, 2010 by Holly Hayes

We arrived in Edinburgh around 1:30pm on Sunday, which was earlier than expected, and it was great to have the extra time to wander around at our leisure. The sun was shining brightly and it was actually warm all afternoon, which was a pretty nice welcome...

Melrose Abbey and Rosslyn Chapel
posted September 28, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Sunday morning in Melrose we enjoyed a full Scottish breakfast, which includes all the usual suspects of the full English (ham, sausage, eggs, tomato, mushrooms) plus a potato scone, haggis and black pudding...

Durham, Jarrow, Lindisfarne and Scottish AbbeysDurham, Jarrow, Lindisfarne and Scottish Abbeys
posted September 27, 2010 by Holly Hayes

OK, now that I have some free time in rainy Edinburgh, I'll share the fun we had on Saturday, a really busy day during which we visited no less than six great sights. Here's the route:

Beverley to Durham with Some Yorkshire Gems
posted September 24, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Cathedrals and cities are great, but our very favorite type of photography project in Britain is a good village church. We got to check out a couple of these after leaving Beverley, and one was especially fantastic.

Two of England's Best Cathedrals: Norwich and Lincoln
posted September 23, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Yesterday morning in Cambridge, we got up at 6am, David made another great cooked breakfast, and we got on the road by 7am. The 1.5-hour drive was fairly good but there was a lot more traffic than we expected...

A Night in Beverley, Yorkshire
posted September 23, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Greetings from the Yorkshire town of Beverley, where we are staying one night in order to see Beverley Minster, a fine Gothic cathedral. The town itself is relaxed and quite attractive as well. We seem to be virtually the only tourists here, which is pretty great! The weather has been all over the place today, from partly sunny in the afternoon to dark skies, thunder, and heavy rain by dinnertime...

Good Night from Lincoln
posted September 22, 2010 by Holly Hayes

View of Lincoln Cathedral from our hotel window Today was a really busy but wonderful day. The weather was warm and beautiful, the drive went smoothly, the two cathedrals we visited were fantastic - and between the two of us, we took 1,350 photos! Whoa...

Canterbury to CambridgeCanterbury to Cambridge
posted September 21, 2010 by Holly Hayes

Yesterday morning we went inside Canterbury Cathedral as soon as it opened at 9am and started our visit in the crypt, which was closed last time we visited. It is the biggest crypt I've ever seen, stretching underneath almost the whole length of the cathedral...