F. Scott Fitzgerald Birthplace, St. Paul

F. Scott Fitzgerald Birthplace
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The birthplace of American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald Birthplace
481 Laurel Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota
44.945642° N, 93.120482° W
Date Published
October 8, 2013
Last Updated
April 11, 2015

Description of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Birthplace

The Fitzgeralds were living in this Ramsey Hill house when their son Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (better known as F. Scott Fitzgerald) was born in 1896. The future author of the Great American Novel was born at home, as was common practice. The family lived here for two years after his birth, until the elder Fitzgerald lost his job as a wicker salesman and the family moved to New York.

The house is currently a private residence, recently occupied by a retired University of Minnesota professor who worked with an organization called Old Town Restorations to renovate the dilapidated apartment building. It now bears a National Literary Landmark plaque (it was given the designation in 2004).


September 24, 1896
Birth of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Birth of F. Scott Fitzgerald in St. Paul, Minnesota.

September 21, 2012