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Mauthausen Concentration Camp
KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen
Mauthausen Memorial
48.256924° N, 14.501417° E
main dates
Erinnerungsstrasse 1, A-4310 Mauthausen

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  • History

    Mauthausen Concentration Camp was established on August 8, 1938, and liberated on May 5, 1945 by the US Army. Unlike many other concentration camp systems, Mauthausen was used mostly for extermination of the educated people and members of the higher classes in countries occupied by Germany during World War II. Originally, the largest group of inmates consisted of German socialists, homosexuals and Roma. In early 1940, a large number of Poles were transferred to the Mauthausen-Gusen complex, composed mostly of artists, scientists, boy-scouts, teachers and university professors. In late 1941 a large number of Soviet POWs arrived. This was the first group to be executed in the gas chambers, early in 1942. With them came some female matrons. view full text →

  • Overview

    The village of Mauthausen is very beautiful in its own right and is often visited for its medieval architecture. Overshadowing its attractiveness, however, is the concentration camp and extermination center located about 3km (2 miles) northwest of the village. The camp was declared a national monument in 1949, and often schoolchildren are brought here and taught what went on in this notorious camp. Various countries that lost citizens here have erected memorials outside the camp to honor their dead. You can visit the huts where the condemned, most of whom almost surely knew their fate, were kept. You are also led down the infamous "Stairway of Death," which the prisoners took on their last walk. view full text →

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