Caracol, Caracol

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This important Mayan city flourished in the 6th century and now lies in ruins in western Belize near Guatemala. Hidden in the jungle until 1937 and still being excavated, it contains pyramids, tombs and Mayan art.

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16.763177° N, 89.117768° W


  • Earliest known human presence at Caracol

    Earliest known human presence at Caracol, modern Belize.

  • First Mayan ritual structures built at Caracol, including the Temple of the Wooden Lintel and locus B34 burial.

  • Another elaborate burial is added to locus B34 at Caracol.

  • Founding of the Caracol royal dynasty.

  • Caracol defeats Tikal and assumes leadership of the region. It will flourish through the 8th century.

  • Caracol defeats the rival city of Naranjo.

  • This is the last date to be recorded on a stele at Caracol.

  • Caracol is abandoned; begins to be absorbed by jungle

    Caracol is abandoned and begins to be absorbed by the jungle.

  • Rediscovery of Caracol

    The Mayan city of Caracol in Belize, abandoned since 1050, is rediscovered in the jungle by a woodcutter.

  • Archaeologists began preliminary studies at Caracol.

  • Archaeological work begins at Caracol

    Dedicated archaeological work begins at Caracol under the leadership of archaeologists Diane Chase and Arlen Chase of the University of Central Florida.

  • Opening of the site museum at Caracol.


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