Pump Room, Bath

East Facade
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The famous Pump Room in Bath has one of the best afternoon teas in Britain and is right next door to the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey.

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Pump Room
Abbey Churchyard
Bath, England
51.381203° N, 2.359966° W
01225 444477
Date Published
October 8, 2013
Last Updated
April 12, 2015

Description of the Pump Room

The interior of the Pump Room is an elegant hall decorated with Corinthian fluted columns. A deep cove separates the entablature from the flat ceiling. A niche on the west side contains the Pump Room fountain, which still dispenses hot mineral water from the springs. Though not very tasty, for centuries this water has been regarded as having healing properties.


  • Construction begins on the Pump Room in Bath, starting in the main block under architect Thomas Baldwin.

  • Thomas Baldwin resigns as architect of the Pump Room.

  • Construction of the Pump Room continues under Palmer.

  • Completion of Pump Room in Bath

    Completion of the Pump Room in Bath.


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