John Calvin Museum Noyon, France

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This small museum in Noyon, France is dedicated to the French reformer John Calvin, who was born in a house on this site in 1509.

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6, place Aristide Briand
49.581163° N, 2.998173° E
03 44 44 03 59

Description of the John Calvin Museum

Unfortunately, the original birth house of John Calvin was completely destroyed by a bombing in 1918. However, the current house was rebuilt on the same site based on drawings of the original and provides an idea of what it would have looked like in Calvin's day. The museum's collections include Reformation-era propaganda posters, early editions of Calvin's works, and contemporary paintings of Reformation events. The manuscripts include the Olivetan Bible, printed in Neuchâtel by Pierre de Vingle (1535), and Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion printed by Thomas Platter and Balthasar Lazius in Basel (1535).

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