Durham Cathedral, Durham


Monks from Lindisfarne settle in Durham

Monks from Lindisfarne Island, driven out by Viking attacks, settle in Durham.

August 12, 1093
Construction begins on Durham Cathedral

The foundation stone of Durham Cathedral is laid. The third church to be built on the site, it also serves a Benedictine monastery.


Construction of the choir, transepts and nave of Durham Cathedral in the Norman style.

Construction of the Galilee Chapel in Durham Cathedral

Construction of the Galilee Chapel at Durham Cathedral.

Construction of Durham Cathedral's west tower

Construction of the Norman west towers of Durham Cathedral.


Construction of the Chapel of Nine Altars in the Early English Gothic style.


The central tower is rebuilt.

Destruction of images and shrines at Durham Cathedral

At Durham Cathedral, the walls are whitewashed, the shrine of Cuthbert is destroyed, and stained glass windows are broken.


Installation of the present choir stalls.


Installation of the Neville Screen behind the high altar.

December 31, 1540
Durham Monastery Dissolved

The Benedictine monastery at Durham Cathedral is dissolved by order of King Henry VIII.

September 3, 1650
Prisoners of War in Durham Cathedral

After the Battle of Dunbar, some 3,000 Scottish captives are imprisoned in Durham Cathedral. The prisoners destroy most of the woodwork for use as firewood.

May 6, 1952
Durham Cathedral designated a Grade I listed building

Durham Cathedral in Durham, England, is designated a Grade I listed building.

August 19, 2006
August 18, 2006


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